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18 days sequence of recording change 2015

For 18 successive days in the spring 2015 I photographed the same place in my garden where flowers of a Paulownia Tomentosa were falling. The amount of flowers raining down varied from day to day during the flowering-time of the tree, partly influenced by the alternating weather conditions. The plants growing under the tree, were also an important factor in the ongoing change as shown in the photographs. They formed the background of the composition made by the fallen flowers. In the last photos of this sequence the "background" has taken over and dominates the image.

With this series of photographs I aim to portray the circular movement  of our daily life.

installation view with ten selected photos - 2015

part 2 - inkjet print - 21 x 30 cm - 2015

part 5 - inkjet print - 21 x 30 cm - 2015

part 8 - inkjet print - 21 x 30 cm - 2015

part 10 - inkjet print - 21 x 30 cm - 2015

untitled - compilation for the website - 2017